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Dr. Danny A. J. Gomez-Ramirez

Dr. Danny A. J. Gómez-Ramírez is a multidisciplinary
scientist, writer, entrepreneur, founder, musician,
international speaker, scientific consultant, and
professor. You can find more information about him
at His current
research encompasses the philosophy of mind,
foundations of logic and mathematics, artificial
intelligence, computer science, cognitive sciences,
philosophy of AI, among other fields. He is the
creator of the multidisciplinary research program
Artificial Mathematical Intelligence (AMI), also
known as Cognitive-Computational Metamathematics
(CCMM), and leads the supporting Multithematic
He serves as the CEO and Founder of the Multithematic
Company COGNIVISION S.A.S., which you can explore
at www.VisionReal.Net. Dr. Gómez-Ramírez is the
author of the Springer Book "Artificial Mathematical
Intelligence: Cognitive, Metamathematical, Physical,
and Philosophical Foundations," which establishes
the foundations of AMI (or CCMM). He has authored
more than 60 scientific manuscripts and has
delivered over 50 specialized talks worldwide. technology supporting the materialization of a (general) social and personal welfare. 

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